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My Gift To The Community

My journey with makeup started in 2006.  I was learning to wear makeup, but was encountering all sorts of obstacles.  No matter what I tried, makeup always made me look weird!  Sometimes my foundation was gray, pink, or orange, and eye shadow was always a disaster.  I couldn't find a makeup artist who knew any better than I did.  I was so frustrated I took matters into my own hands.  I enrolled in art classes (this was before You Tube!), got a job at Bare Minerals, and practiced and experimented until I figured it out.

I taught myself about undertones, eyeshapes, color harmony, color correcting, and contouring, just to name a few.  Selling makeup made me realize MANY women were experiencing what I was!  They were going through the same vicious cycle of buying and trying with the same bad results - makeup that doesn't look like the real you.  Being a makeup artist has given me the chance to demystify my craft.

Since then, I dedicated my life to sharing my knowledge with everyone. My philosophy is if I can learn, then so can my clients.  I have worked for Too Faced, Stila, Urban Decay, and Smashbox! Each brand teaching me something different.  But for the last 13 years, one thing has remained the same - I am a makeup problem solver.  There isn't a complexion I can't match, or an eye shape I can't enhance.  Artistry that people can trust is my life's work and has given me a way to connect and give back to my community.