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My Gift To The Community

Everyone has a story of a makeover gone wrong.  The artists from The Makeup Connection are no exception.  Inspired by their one-too-many makeover nightmares, they decided to take matters into their own hands.  Their mission started back in 2006, before YouTube and Instagram.  Over the next decade and a half, the found of The Makeup Connection, Lexi Andres,  dedicated her time to her passion of makeup.  She took art classes, worked for major makeup brands, and practiced and experimented.  Even without the help of social media, Lexi was able to gain real red carpet experience by working for top brands like Stila, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, and Smashbox.  "Selling makeup made me realize MANY women were like me!  We were all going through the same vicious cycle of buying and trying makeup that looked ok, but wasn't the best.  I also found it hard to find skilled artists.  Being Asian American, it was disheartening to discover many artists couldn't enhance my features."  

Her experience and passion didn't stop there.  At the height of her career, Lexi was the lead Regional Artistry Trainer for the Northwest Region for Smashbox Cosmetics.  She traveled all over the west coast, the midwest, and even to Hawaii to train with the best makeup Pros and teach clients the tricks of the trade for complexion and DIY makeup.  "Learning from the best of the best in the industry was invaluable, but I also learned my passion was for helping others find their signature look.  I love being the makeup problem solver - there isn't a complexion I can't match or an eye shape I can't enhance," says Lexi.  Being your makeup artist is this MUA's life's work.  "It has given me a way to connect and offer something meaningful to my community.  I love seeing the confidence on my client's face after their makeover.  At The Makeup Connection, we're here to be your BFF and your personal stylist.  You can trust our artistry."

The Makeup Connection is made up artists of real women turned Pro Makeup Artist due to their passion for perfection and people.  With a zero tolerance for cake face and a philosophy that contour is life, they will make you look your very best for any occasion.